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My name is Paulo Machado, I am a consultant and my job consists basically in formulating and executing an efficient Marketing & Communications strategy for the success of your business.

Each case is treated as unique and, throughout this process, I personally provide a series of services according to your specific needs, such as: brand creation/enhancement, visual identity and presentations, website development, commercial PowerPoints, promotional campaigns and much more.


Having worked for over a decade in the international market I am fully prepared to give you a unique point of view embedded in this background, offering you services in a level of excellence.



Building and developing a successful brand

Branding is the art to seduce, enchant and acquire the loyalty of your clients through the strength of your brand.
Clients do not buy products/services, they buy brands! With the constant increase of the functional similarities, the perception that the client has of your brand becomes more and more important. Besides adding value, a strong brand generates customer loyalty, increases the barrier against the opposition, creates resistance against the market adversities, raises profits and gives you many other benefits.
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A professional presentation makes all the difference

The value of your product/service is not determined by what it is, but by how your customers perceive it.
Marketing works with perceptions. Therefore, to have a professional presentation in all aspects is essential. It is not only about design, layout, but about the capacity that you have to transmit and idea in a clear and attractive way; so that your message can be fully understood by your audience.


Without the public, there is no show

Results. That is the currency that the business world works with.
Nobody wants to know what you have done, the amount of work that you had, or the difficulties that you found, people want to know what results you brought to the table. And, as strong as your brand is and as good as your presentations are, the concrete results will only show up if your product/service have an efficient promotion.



Because of my international career as an executive, I can better understand your needs and objectives.

My name is Paulo Machado and I have an international career of more than 10 years in the areas of Marketing and Communications. After having worked with the football club AC Milan and at the World Family Organization – WFO, entity affiliated to the United Nations, I have decided to create my own company in order to contribute with the development of professionals and companies willing to go further and succeed in an increasingly competitive and globalized market…




Telefone: +55 41 9925 1010
E-Mail: contato@paulomachado.com
Skype: paulomachadomc

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